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Our guests spend the night in clean, comfortable, spacious, climate-controlled, quiet accommodations.

Throughout the day, dogs staying at DePAW enjoy plenty of exercise, attention, and affection from our staff. We pride ourselves on catering to your pet’s needs in any way we can.

Lodging services:

  • Canine Lodging
  • Feline Lodging
  • Ferret Lodging
  • Small Mammal

What to bring?

  • Food and treats
  • Medications (if applicable)
  • Small bedding or blanket
  • Max 1-2 toys

We strongly encourage all lodging guests to come with their own food and treats since we like to keep them on their normal diets. It is recommended that you pack more food than expected in case of spills, unexpected travel delays, etc.. We do have food available (dogs only) that can be provided for an additional cost. At your request, for an additional charge, we can supply your dog with Stuffed Kongs during quiet time in their own area. We strongly discourage you from bringing your pet’s favorite toys or big beds. We do not want your pet’s favorite toy ending up damaged or lost among the other toys. We allow blankets or beds that can be easily washed in case of any accidents. We also have a large supply of blankets, beds, and cots available at no additional charge. We are not responsible for items that are damaged during your pets stay.

Our Lodging attendants are fully trained and capable of administering medications. There is no additional charge for medications, unless specialty care is required. Please call or e-mail to inquire.

We can board puppies under 6 months of age, but they will not be able to participate in the daycare programs, unless they meet all vaccine and fecal requirements.

Please visit our policies page for information on our Lodging Cancellation Policy and Peak Rates.


  • $24
  • One night of lodging
  • + $15 each additional pet (same household/enclosure)
  • + $12 specialty care (if applicable)
  • +$15 Private Walks/Play per pet/per day - 15 minutes
  • + $8 if lodging during Peak Rate
  • $42
  • One night of lodging
  • +$27 each additional dog (same household/enclosure)
  • + $12 specialty care (if applicable)
  • + $23 per dog/per day - 1/2 day daycare
  • + $27 per pet/per day - full day daycare
  • +$15 Private Walks/Play per pet/per day - 15 minutes
  • +$21 Private Walks/Play per pet/per day - 1 hour
  • + $3 per cup(8oz) Kennel food
  • + $5 per Stuffed Kong
  • + $8 if lodging during Peak Rate
  • Other Mammals
  • $20
  • One night of lodging (starting price)
  • + $12 specialty care (if applicable)
  • + $8 if lodging during Peak Rate